Hho Dry Cell Construction – Build Your Own

Written instructions for a 11 plate dry cell from HHO2u.com

Start by separating the power plates and the neutral plates. For an 11 plate dry cell you will have 3 power plates and 8 neutral.

2) Start with 4 bolts and washers inserted in one acrylic end piece, this will be the one with the 3/8″ fitting at the top if you are assembling a dry cell from 2hho or hho2u, with mounting bracket at bottom. (pic.#2)
3) Flip the end piece over with bolts facing up – add spacer washer to the top left bolt and first O-ring against the acrylic end piece. (pic.#3)
4) Start with first power plate – Negative plate – install 2 nuts on top of this and one nut on other top bolt. (pic.#4)
5) Stack 4 neutral plates with O-rings in between each and one additional on top plate. (pic#5)
6) Install a power plate -Positive plate on other bolt (top right) and add 1 nut, tighten down to about 1/8″ above plate. (pic.#6
7) Stack 4 more neutral plates and o rings and another Negative plate on top left bolt. Add spacer washer and last O-ring.
8) Install acrylic end piece, this will be the one with hose barb toward bottom if this is a diy hho dry cell kit from 2hho.com or hho2u.com.
Add bracket, 4 washers and lock nuts – tighten evenly until very snug.
Stand unit up and tighten evenly until you have 1 1/4″ spacing between acrylic end pieces.

build your own hho drycell

Home Built HHO Dry Cell

Now you have built your 11 plate hho dry cell – Enjoy