HHO Dry Cell – What is it ? – HHO Sealed Cell

Sorry I can’t post some awesome post on this subject at this time. We are out in the wilderness running some experiments. Basically the “dry cell” is just an hho generator that is sealed and feed the water/electrolyte from a water tank (reservoir). Yes it works the same as any other hho generator, but the fluid is recirculated to the tank to run cooler. You can learn all there is to know about hho dry cells at HHO2u.com

Welcome to HHO Dry Cells – post #1

If you are new to the concept of Hydrogen on demand (hod) being implemented on your every day vehicle to save you money on fuel, you found the right site.

If you have been experimenting with hho generators and are looking for information on the best hho cells available, you found the right site.

We will be adding info. here on how to build or buy the best hho dry cells for your hydrogen on demand systems.